I’ve been on the outs with my tech lately.  It isn’t entirely based on its recent uncooperativeness  in the form of frequent connectivity outages; and a very ill timed attempt by my home air conditioning system to take up the clarion call of the Statue of Liberty by becoming a refuge for the weak, poor, huddled masses of ants that are immigrating full scale into both units and shutting them down at the beginning of summer.

No, this malaise towards my tech has been building for some time and I must say it is about time. I’m entirely too wrapped up in the goings on of the cyberverse and when not doing the spiderman across a multitude of servers, website, and the like, I’m simply on the comp/tablet/phone playing a game or conversing with friends.

So I decided to use this uncharacteristic lull in my tech activities to do engage in some recreational reading. I know, I went from modern nerd to classic nerd in one fell swoop, but that’s my gift. Now, I have a really bad habit when it comes to books. I love, LOVE, hardcover books. It’s a sensory thing I guess, the look, feel, smell,…taste.  But of course, as most people know, hardcovers are on the expensive side. Especially when we’re talking about your top selling authors i.e. your Rowling, Martin, and King, etc.

Enter the thrift store. Thrift stores and flea markets, if you don’t know, are great ways to find hardcover books by quality authors without breaking the bank. I own a couple of Harry Potters, some Anne Rice, and a number of classics like Roots and a few Hemingway novels to name a few, that I’ve found in the unorganized tangle of thrift store bookshelves.

I said I have a bad habit though, and that bad habit is purchasing these books and then not reading them. Or…more specifically, purchasing these books then going to the library or online and finding other books to read. In short I have committed the nerd faux pas of owning materials that I have never read. You may pause in your reading now to gasp in horror.

It is atrocious really, so many books to read like, Volume I of the 007 series by Ian Fleming, some James Ellroy novels (the names escape me for the moment) and quintuples more! I’m out dorking myself at an alarming rate and becoming sore pressed for storage space. So, as much as it pained me, I had to put a stop the purchasing of books and my library trips and dive head first into my own storehouse of books I haven’t read yet.

Did I mention that this list of unread books includes a moderately sized amount via my Kindle content? Yes, it is bad. I get excitable when I see “Free” and “Books” in the same sentence and we are going to hint at the possibility of the occasional acquisition of reading materials via dubious means such as tnerrot tib and the like. I’ve read two so far. One real, one electronic, and so far I feel like I’m achieving some kind of homeostatic balance. Don’t worry, you’ll get the full Nerd-out review of all that a deem mentionable. =)

I would have married the Beast just for the library,


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