I do a lot of talking about books on this blog, but I do have other interests.

I’m not going to discuss them now. I just wanted to make it known that I do have other interests. Now that that’s out of the way…


So there are a couple of books/series that I’ve abandoned. You’ll know from one of my previous blogs, that I’m not going to link to because I know you’re lazy and won’t click even though it opens in a new window fancy style and everything, that I don’t continue past a certain point, in most cases, when I find a book to be displeasing.

So I thought I’d make a brief list of books/series that I have abandoned, but would revisit in some other format.

The Newsflesh Trilogy


Recently I tried to read Feed, by Mira Grant. I couldn’t get down with it though. Grant’s story is mercilessly excruciatingly detailed. I don’t really need to know that you shoved your chips into your bag and closed it using the button clasp instead of the zipper then tossed it over your shoulder and blah blah blah, I just don’t. Okay? Enough. If you’re one for fine details then I recommend this for you, but it just didn’t mesh with my aesthetics. However, I think I would get into this as a movie. The story is about a family of bloggers in a post-zombocalypse world. Blogging has replaced traditional news and television outlets as a source of information and entertainment. The younger half of the family gets a fantastic opportunity to cover the Presidential election, and of course that means they will stumble into a massive conspiracy and some people are probably going to die. My favorite twist that Grant puts on it, is that the zombies get more intelligent the more of them that are together; which is pretty cool….terrifying….coolifying? I can’t give you much more than that without spoiling…….and, you know, I also haven’t read it so there’s that too…


The Mortal Instruments

This film is coming out in August and I’m a little jazzed to see it, and not just because of Jonathan Rhys Meyers…but yeah also a lot because of him. I attempted to read the first book of the series back in January or February. Just….no. No. Why do I keep setting myself up for disappointment? I know how I feel about YA and yet I keep thinking, okay this one will be like the Hunger Games, or this will be my next Harry Potter; and then comes the frustration, and the anger, and the disappointment. I abandoned City of Bones because there is something that immediately turns me off when I’m reading a first person narrative and that person takes time out of the scene to describe herself. I’m immediately thrown into “Sweet Jesus, I’m reading a romance novel” terror. This is further compounded by the nice sized picture of the author with her fiery red hair, just like the protagonist’s. I know author’s do this ALL the time, which is why I hate the jacket photo. I don’t need to see your face while I’m visualizing your characters. I don’t need or want to know anything about you, because I’m not reading your freaking autobiography….I feel like I got off subject, a lot. So let me conclude with yeah, probably won’t be revisiting this one as a read, but I think it will be palatable in a film version. We’ll see.

The Forest of Hands and Teeth


I know you guys are probably sick to death of me mentioning this one, but I promise it is the last time. It might surprise you, that despite my anger towards this novel series, that I would actually watch this in film format. Mainly because I believe that a screenwriter could eliminate some of the plot holes, and improve the story and character development. A film or television series has an obligation to entertain the audience, and that obligation I feel would sorely benefit this story, which as I have stated numerous times has a lot of potential and a great premise.

The Southern Vampire Mysteries Series

Known to most as True Blood….I feel like I am the cusp of a riot here. One wrong word and I’ll be ripped apart by the legions of True Blood fans. Well, at least half of them anyway. The other half could care less about the books, which is what I’m knocking here. I’ve watched some of the episodes of the first season of True Blood, and I like it. I think that if I can ever convince myself to sit still and engross myself in it for a few hours that I would be just as hooked to it as I am Game of Thrones (Of which I’ve read the entire series years before the television series came out and am one of those snobs). However, the books….Nope, can’t do it. I read the first novel, Dead Until Dark,  in its entirety at it’s very best it well plotted erotica and at its worst, tawdry Fabioesque romance drivel. Still a better story than Twilight though.

On an unrelated note, I feel really bad for not updating last week. I know I don’t have hordes of fans clamoring and waiting with breath that is bated for my next entry, but I did make a promise to myself which by the transitive property means a promise to any readers out there that I would post at least once a week and I failed that, so I apologize to you and to me because there was absolutely no reason for it, other than my own procrastination skills. But to make up for it, I will be making an extra post this week about…..something. I don’t know what it is, but it will be here for all to see. I’ll try not abandon you. =)



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