I am not a lesbian, but I am not afraid to say that I have a degree of attraction for women. The turn off comes in the actually mechanics of the potential sex acts. I’m just not into the lower lady part. As an owner of one, I have, what I like to think is a healthy, normal, degree of absolute hatred for my reproductive area, which I guess I extend to other ladies.

I have seriously contemplated at some point or another in attempting to be one, however. I’ve never acted upon these thoughts, because though I am known to do whatever the hell I wish, however outlandish it may be, I am a chickenshit in that regard.  And this is proof positive to me that it isn’t a choice.

I love that so many of our states are adopting same sex marriage laws. All of them should adopt them in my opinion, because the arguments against it are totally invalid, unjust, and ignorant. People like to spout off about tradition. My favorite is the argument about the definition of marriage.

Marriage is defined as a union between a man and a woman.

The definition of Property use to entail people, and the phrase “All men are created equal,” was once only extended to men of the majority, to the exclusion of other races and the opposite sex. So what are we really saying? That everything should be what it always has been because that’s the way it is?

I didn’t think there would be a need to discuss civil rights for a mass group of people in 2013. At most I would only expect there to be individual situations where some ignorant person decided that because of the nature of someone’s love, they have the rights to infringe upon that other person’s civil liberties.

Well America, not on my watch.

I’m no political activist, but I’ll be damned if I’ll accept people foisting their religious beliefs on others or equating extending basic American civil rights to same sex partners to allowing people to marry farm animals, children, houses, or any other thing that isn’t a CONSENTING ADULT.

I guess this entry will have to say something about Russia now. Well quite frankly, I agree with the outrage and protesting the Winter Olympics being held there. You can’t be gay, in public, seriously? Did you guys resurrect Stalin? What gives you the right?! I’ll say this, they definitely have balls, and I am definitely one for ball busting.

You deny civil liberties to people who have violated their rights and the rights of others, i.e. Felons and ex-Cons. Ex-Felons/Felons can’t own guns, can’t vote, are confined without freedom of movement, and are trapped within a system that treats them like a never ending line of chattel to be herded and corralled wherever for whatever reason. Yet….they can get married behind bars or upon their release.

Are we really telling our healthy, wealthy, contributing, law abiding citizens, that they don’t have the same rights as murderers, thieves, and rapists?

If so,



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