After not posting for two months, and a bit of trials and tribulations in life during those two months, I decided to reboot my blog. I changed the theme and if circumstances allow maybe one day I will buy that url it keeps suggesting I get. May was my one year anniversary on WordPress. They sent me a really nice email and everything. I began this blog as a creative outlet for all the random thoughts, rants, ideas, etc. that sometimes travel through my mind place. It wasn’t meant to do or be anything in particular except my sort of dumping space without the scrutiny and unintentional arguments usually sparked by social media exchange. Looking at you Tumblr. Even so, everyone wants to be a little popular right?

I’ll cop to it. I pursued it for a little while. I’d say for a solid month, maybe month and a half I put some serious non-monetary effort into promoting this thing. I created a separate facebook account for my blog persona. Created a dreaded twitter account. I still have 11 followers, which means I must be doing something right….or I’m so deep into their follower list it isn’t worth the effort to dig me out just to delete me. Who knows? I did a couple of things like register to some rss feed websites that I have no clue what their names are now. I registered on stumbleupon, and I would habitually submit my url to google. All of this generated a few hits, but nothing substantial. Over time I lost interest in it and I am slowly closing down certain things and have just completely lost track of others.

Everyone wants some recognition, or even better wants to make a living doing what they love, you know?  I was kind of holding on to the hope that I’d become one of those out of the blue internet sensations. One of those people who had no discernible talent or qualifications, but became like meme popular or some such. Like Perez Hilton, but minus the patriarchal douchebag bitchiness.

In this reboot I’m not setting any goals for myself. I do better without them. I’m not going to tell you my blog is going to have a specific theme, like I’m just going to talk about books, or movies, or games, etc. If it had or has to have a theme it will always just be me. I’m not going to delete my old posts, because I don’t believe in pretending that your old work never happened. But I want anyone who discovers this blog in however manner they managed to stumble across it, to consider this the first chapter and the rest the prologue. With that being said…..

Hi, Welcome to Word Major Woes, I’m J.R. Henry.  ^_^


3 thoughts on “Chapter 1: Popular? Oh I Know About Popular

      • I’m sorry lol. But, it really is sincere and I know exactly what you mean. I’m going through the same thing & also some of my own stuff with my blog. I think I came to a point where blogging was just awkward…blogging puberty if you will.

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